More about me x

Hello there! I'm a twenty-one year old girl living in Singapore, named Michelle. My parents and relatives call me 婷(Ting). My birthday falls on the 30th of March, making me an Aries. I speak three languages fluently, and they are Chinese, English and Hokkien (my dialect). I'm currently studying in a university in Singapore. I have a boyfriend, known as S from my posts but his real name is Sean. We've been together for around seven years now, and counting. I have a younger sister, aged fifteen, and of course a mother and a father. I really loves animals and hence, S gotten me a pet dog for my 20th birthday. His name is Poody and he is a toy poodle. I've started blogging since I was 11 years old, but I created new blogs time over time.

Interesting facts about me:
I'm scared of loud noises such as thunder
I'm afraid of watching movies in theatres
I cannot multi-task
I'm found watching dramas 3/4 of my life
I have a bad habit of peeling and biting my nails
I'm really really really stubborn and I hate loosing in arguments
I'm a night person and I think I can think better after 12AM?
I prefer tea over coffee
I'm really really really short, 153cm short

Things I love:
Winnie the pooh
Pink & cutesy stuffs
Ice lemon tea, chocolates, ice creams, ramen
Sunny yet windy days and small rains
Books, reading
Taking pictures (even tho I suck at it)
IT things (computer, phone, camera etc)
Slow songs, romantic dramas, soft blankets
Stimulation yet cutesy games (i love coffee etc)
Pets, animals